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Messy Church Christmas Party


Sunday 13th December 4pm


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Parish and Benefice News


Revd. Sandra wrote:


I also wanted to write a bit about West Purbeck Benefice of which we are part.

The last 18 months or so was meant to be a time of adjustment and settling into the workings of a new benefice. Three parishes (Affpuddle, Bere Regis and Wool) working together for the common good, being led by Carol Langford as Rector and assisted by Revs Jenny Alidina and Judy Hill, bringing together Lay Licensed Minister’s Jonathan Haigh and Brenda Pitfield from Bere and Affpuddle with Jenny Hunt and John Matthews from Wool. You of course welcomed me to join that team in October, and I thank you for that welcome. More readjustment. It was then announced that when the Lulworth parishes became vacant in May 2020 there would be a proposal by the diocese to form a larger benefice of seven parishes. We had already been working together covering services and occasional offices as required. Again, readjustment and understanding needed. We have looked at service patterns and worked to make them manageable for everyone, we had started to look at a benefice vision and how mission could work across the benefice. Then change happened again, but this time with a global pandemic. Who could have foretold that. There’s that word again, readjustment. We then received the devastating news that Rev Carol is now off on long term sick leave because she has a brain tumour.

Where does this leave us as a benefice? – readjusting, feeling our way forward, trusting in God, praying for each other and working together, of which I’ll write more next month.


West Purbeck Benefice Facebook/ Twitter & Instagram Pages
Bruce South, our Benefice IT Admin. Person, has set up the pages. Please email with things that you’d like posted.
Clergy Contact Details:
Rev Sandra Williams 01929 792235
Rev Jenny Alidina 01929 551502
Cannon Keith Hugo 01202







St John the Baptist, Bere Regi

7th October                                                    Richard Curtis

8th October                                                    Raymond Percy

Interment of Ashes

21st September                                              Cyril Cheeseman


St. Laurence, Affpuddle

26th September                                              Ebba Harper and Gus Rosier


Food Bank – Update!

Usually every 6 -8 weeks we hand over at least five carrier bags full of your gifts to the Food Bank - so thank you from the people who were very grateful....and please keep your contributions coming!


There are boxes in both our churches for you to place any goods you would like to donate. This provides a simple way of helping people who have fallen on hard times.

I would ask: Please ensure that your gifts are at least 6 months in date.

You do not have to be a church member to contribute!

The boxes are emptied regularly

and the contents given to BereConnect and/or the Wareham Food Bank.

The list of what is most appropriate is:

Tinned Soup   Fruit Juice(carton)    Pasta Sauces Baked Beans    Rice/Sponge Pudding (Tinned)

Tomatoes (Tinned)    Pasta/Rice (1kg)   Tinned Vegetables  Tea Bags/Coffee    Instant Mash Potato

Tinned Meat/Fish   Tinned Fruit   Sugar (500g)    Biscuits or snack bars


The FOOD BANK provides for local individuals and families in crisis -

Thank you for your support!