Junior Church

We know just how important it is to engage the young people of the parish in our church life.  Junior Church  has over 25 members of all ages and meets in the Church for an activity session with a Bible theme on the Second Sunday of the month at 10am.  This is followed by a simple Family Service at 11am - all are welcome... it is great fun and lovely for the children to show off what they have been doing!

Activities include:

  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Music and Dancing
  • Craft and cookery




On February 11th, the Junior Church learnt that Lent was fast approaching and in the hour before the service heard about the many times that 40 appears in the Bible (later we found out it is 146 times!). For the forty days of Lent, the significance is the time spent by Jesus in the wilderness before he set out on his ministry. The children burnt some palm crosses from last year in preparation for Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and these were used at the service three days later in Affpuddle. They also made some pancakes, and even had a pancake race, and this was to tell them about Shrove Tuesday the day before Lent.  They learnt about the Temptations of Jesus and considered what their own temptations would be and even more importantly each made their own promise of how to try to keep Lent.

The Family Service began with the Puppets giving us ‘I Turn to God’....very appropriately to help us think about Lent. Then came the traditional hymn, Forty day and forty nights. After the time of saying sorry, we joined in the slightly manic but very enjoyable song Heads and Shoulders.

Rev Charles then read from the Bible the story of the two men who went to the temple to pray in which Jesus explains that true humility and recognising our faults is far better than thinking how wonderful we are. We then heard from Michelle about what the children had been doing before the service and I have no doubt that we all learnt something new about Lent. Charles then showed what some people often give up for Lent but explained doing something positive was an even better way of keeping these forty days. It would be good to try to help people, spend a short time in prayer, even using the booklet given by the Diocese and whatever we do, to do it with love.

After the affirmation of our faith, we sang the hymn Lord of the Dance and following a short time of prayer, sang I the Lord of sea and sky. The Puppets provided us with I want to know what God is to end our service.

Next month it will be Mothering Sunday and we do hope that you will want to come and join us for this very special occasion – in the School Hall, of course! A real occasion for each of us to celebrate our mother’s love!