Junior Church

We know just how important it is to engage the young people of the parish in our church life.  Junior Church  has over 25 members of all ages and meets in the Church for an activity session with a Bible theme on the Second Sunday of the month at 10am.  This is followed by a simple Family Service at 11am - all are welcome... it is great fun and lovely for the children to show off what they have been doing!

Activities include:

  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Music and Dancing
  • Craft and cookery


Junior Church News


In July at Junior Church and Family Service, we celebrated ‘Sea Sunday’. Our focus was the story of Jesus calming the storm.  For anyone who doesn’t know this story, it tells of the time when Jesus and his disciples set out to sail across a lake. It was smooth sailing and Jesus fell asleep. However, a terrific storm came up suddenly and water poured into the boat. The disciples woke Jesus because they were terrified that they were going to drown. Jesus told the wind “Silence!” and the waves, “Quiet down!” then the lake became calm again. Jesus asked his disciples “Why can’t you trust me?”


This is a very good question and one which the children explored during the hour before the service. We talked about how we all get worried in life and what we might do in such times of anxiety. If we got into trouble at the seaside or out in a boat we could call a Lifeguard or even a Lifeboat. It was a chance to be thankful for people who put their own lives in danger at sea to save others. Through the actions of others, we can experience God’s love at work in our lives. We thought about how Jesus is always with us and how we can learn to trust him more. Later, we did a painting activity. Wax resist painting requires an element of trust. First you draw your picture using wax crayons. We chose to illustrate sea creatures. Then we painted over our pictures with a blue paint wash, trusting that the wax would resist the paint...sure enough, it did! Our last activity was a ‘Trust’ exercise. Two children entered a maze, one agreed to be blindfolded, while the other had the responsibility of guiding their friend through the cushions to reach the safety of the other side. It was very well done by all who chose to take part and the children demonstrated excellent skills in giving clear, concise directions as well as high levels of trust!


Our Family Service continued with the theme of Sea Sunday. The puppets got things started with the song ‘I turn to God’. Then it was time for the congregation to sing ‘Just as I am’ and ‘Michael row the boat ashore’. Next, the story about Jesus calming the storm was acted out by members of the ‘Open the Book’ team and some of the Junior Church. Reverend Charles asked us to think about something that we fear and talked about how important it was to learn to trust God more. He showed us a lifejacket as a reminder that if we were in danger on the sea we would turn to the RNLI. Then it was time to learn a new song. Reverend Charles led the singing with members of the Junior Church showing the actions. It was called ‘The earth is filled with glorious things’. After the prayers, we sang ‘Eternal Father strong to save’. The puppets ended our service with ‘I wanna know what God is’. It was a really lovely service and considering that Pat wasn’t with us, the team and the children all did so well. The young puppeteers are demonstrating great skills. We will be glad to have Pat back next time!




The next Junior Church is on 9th September at 10am, followed by Family Service at 11.