Junior Church

We know just how important it is to engage the young people of the parish in our church life.  Junior Church  has over 25 members of all ages and meets in the Church for an activity session with a Bible theme on the Second Sunday of the month at 10am.  This is followed by a simple Family Service at 11am - all are welcome... it is great fun and lovely for the children to show off what they have been doing!

Activities include:

  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Music and Dancing
  • Craft and cookery




On May 13th it was our annual Service of Blessing of the Pets at our Family Service. The sun was shining and we were able to hold the service outdoors, which is always so lovely and appropriate. It was well attended by children, adults and many dogs. There were also three little mice. One person also brought a photograph of a dog, who was too old to come.

In the hour of Junior Church before the service, Michelle and the children had been preparing a lovely display which is now in the church for all to see.

The service began with the puppets performing All things bright and beautiful to the wonderful tune by John Rutter and then came our first Hymn, If I were a butterfly, when we tried to fit in some very good actions. After the Confession we had three children performing a dance to the song Do not Worry which was in fact the theme of the service so we heard the passage from the Bible when Jesus explains that looking at the birds and the flowers in the fields, should encourage us to trust him and not to worry. I was beautifully read but Wendy and Lauren, grandmother and granddaughter.

Revd Charles then produced a string of cuddly toys, a cat, dog and rabbit representing our pets, a fox, squirrel and hedgehog representing the wild animals, a pack of fat balls to remind us of the birds and a cow representing the farm animals. What variety!  He encouraged us to learn from the animal kingdom not to be obsessed with the past, not worrying about the future but to live each day and to live in the present like animals largely do.

After the Birthday celebrations (and so many were born in May!) and the Affirmation of faith, Charles went around and blessed each of the animals. During this time Michelle spoke about what she and the children had been doing in Junior Church and Diana Fairhurst spoke about a rescue centre for which people had brought tins of  pet food.

After a short time of prayer, we sang Lord of all hopefulness and two puppeteers performed Lovely Jubbly and some children danced.

I all made for a very happy occasion!

The next Junior Church is on 10th June at 10am, followed by Family Service at 11.  The subject is 'Lowered through the Roof'