Junior Church

We know just how important it is to engage the young people of the parish in our church life.  Junior Church  has over 25 members of all ages and meets in the Church for an activity session with a Bible theme on the Second Sunday of the month at 10am.  This is followed by a simple Family Service at 11am - all are welcome... it is great fun and lovely for the children to show off what they have been doing!

Activities include:

  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Music and Dancing
  • Craft and cookery


Junior Church News - September 2017

On Sunday 13th August Junior Church met at 10 o’clock and we were delighted to see so many children, particularly as it is holiday time. After the usual flurry of activities all was ready for the Family Service to begin at 11. Our theme this month was continuing on from last month as we heard more about Moses and Pharaoh. Two such different men: one who loved God and listened to him and one who did not and refused to hear God’s message.
The puppeteers were in great form starting the service with a song called ‘Why Not Today?’ Then Tim our organist led us on the organ as we sang ‘God Forgive my Sins’. The service was a very active one with plenty of opportunities for congregation participation. We were severely challenged to keep up with the actions for ‘Heads and Shoulders’, in spite of the brilliant children coming to stand at the front of the church to show us what we should be doing! More actions followed when Reverend Charles told the story of how Pharaoh would not listen. 9 plagues were sent to try to convince Pharaoh to change his mind and let God’s people, the Israelites, go free from their slavery. The congregation did their best to re-enact what these plagues looked, felt and sounded like! Sadly, it was not until the death of his son that Pharaoh listened. Even then, Pharaoh changed his mind, chased after the Israelites and lost his army as they drowned in the Red Sea. What a different story it would have been if Pharaoh had listened to God.
In his talk, Reverend Charles spoke about how we might listen to God. At first he took on the role of Pharaoh and explained about how he was feeling as King of Egypt, but he was interrupted when somebody’s mobile phone went off. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Well, in this instance the call was for Pharaoh. It was Moses himself, asking Pharaoh to let his people go; followed swiftly by a text message from God asking exactly the same thing. It is easy for us to stand in judgement of Pharaoh. But how many of us have heard someone asking us to do something for them and steadfastly refused to help?
We would like to say a big thank you to Pat and her team for organising the service and activities today and we would also like to thank the wonderful children and members of the congregation. They took part with great enthusiasm and joy! 
Felicity Masheder