A Letter from your Vicar


My dear Friends, 
“In my end is my beginning” are words that Mary, Queen of Scots is reputed to have said shortly before she was executed. TS Eliot uses similar in ‘East Coker’ one of his poems in his Four Quartets, but he also said the reverse “In my beginning is my end”. Each time we have a new beginning, there is a joy of new hope. I often feel that sense, when I have the privilege of baptising a baby; we may not know how this new life will work out, but we can have a renewed hope for the world, that this baby will grow up to play their part in making our world more as God would want it. 
2018 is past and over. For all of us there will hopefully have been many good times and their memories will live on but there may have been times when we wish things had been better. What will 2019 bring for each one of us? We may well have our own hopes for ourselves but I trust we are all united in our greater vision for our world and for our country. We live in uncertain times!
We have just been celebrating the birth of the one who has done by far the most good for our world – Jesus Christ. He was born as an outcast – ‘though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him’(John 1.10) and though at times was so popular, in the end he was crucified as if he were some sort of criminal. However ‘in his end was his beginning’ as he rose from death and his earthly ministry has led into the life of the Christian Church ever since. He proved that the power of good was greater than that of evil and that love can always conquer hatred.
For Felicity and me, there is an end and a beginning too. After these last years, which we have really enjoyed and have been able to make many good friendships, we will be embarking on a new chapter. Our address will be 6, Higher Green, South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9PL and we will be pleased to see you if you are ever in those parts. It will mean a change of life-style as after all these years, I will no longer hold a particular role as Vicar and we will no longer live in a house that doesn’t belong to us. No doubt we will find all sorts of things to do!! It is an adventure.
For you all, too, there is an end and a beginning. The linking of these parishes of that of Wool, will, we trust happen reasonably soon; it all takes longer than it seems it should! This should be an exciting new beginning and will eventually lead to a two-priest Team, working with the lay members. Revd Carol Langford will be looking after things and in time a replacement for me will be found, but again this does take time. Carol and the Churchwardens in both parishes will be the people to contact regarding baptisms, weddings and funerals and pastoral needs. We are also fortunate in having good members of the Ministry Team to help. All I ask is that you are patient with people having more responsibility. More details on this front in the February edition.
My final Sunday here will on January 27th. In the morning there will a Benefice Communion at 10am at Affpuddle and a service at 6pm in Bere Regis. All will be welcome at either or even both services! 
Holy Communion has always been a very important part of my Christian life and ministry and for those of you who share its importance, I hope you will join me in the morning. The evening service will be more informal and I do hope that some of you who don’t come to church often (or ever) will feel they want to come. We have felt welcome in the village communities, not just the church ones and for that we will always feel very grateful – thank you!
Your loving Priest and Friend





Richard Smith has been our Bere Regis PCC Treasurer for the last 10 years and he feels that now is the right time to hand over the day-to-day maintenance of the accounts. We are very grateful for all that he does, and has done, in keeping us on the right path financially.


What we are looking for, please, is someone to take over that day –to- day maintenance of the accounts. There must be various people in our parish community who could do this very efficiently and we are simply asking you to consider if one of those may be you! You would not need to be a member of the Church Council and indeed not even a member of the Church, but someone with the necessary skills and a willingness to use them.


Richard will ensure that all aspects of the Treasurer position are properly explained to the new person and is prepared to use his knowledge to maintain an overview of financial matters for the immediate period after the new treasurer is in place.


 We cannot actually pay you for undertaking such work but would certainly be prepared to give an ‘honorarium’ as a sign of our gratitude.


I will refrain from going into any more detail but please speak to me or to Richard or either of the Churchwardens, for more detailed information.                                                 Charles