Bere Regis Church Officials


The Revd. Carol Langford (Vicar of the Holy Rood, Wool) (01929 462215)  email:


Please Note:  The Revd. Carol is currently unwell and is on longterm sick leave.  She is unable to receive phone calls or emails.  Please contact the churchwardens or Revd. Sandra in an emergency (contact details below).

Associate Priest


The Revd. Sandra Williams  (01929) 792235

Church Wardens

Sarah Welton (01929) 471562

Joan Naylor (01929) 400539

Lay Pastoral Assistants

Ted Cox (01929) 471763


Hazel Green (01929) 471257

Secretary of PCC

David Gray (07771)  765849  email

Treasurer of PCC & Gift Aid Secretary

Richard Smith (01929) 471339


Paul Martin 07788 185048 and Tim Colquhoun (01929)  471360