Indeed, the interpolated representation of the base Sundance is somewhat higher (∼40 m) than the representation by projecting the top Tensleep Sandstone surface up section in the vicinity of the fold crest on sections C‐C′ and D‐D′, but considering the lack of data in the fold hinge and the uncertainty of any surface model at SMA, this difference is relatively small. In this region and beyond the forelimb syncline, the ALSM constrained MCS model could be improved by adding data points that estimate the surface geometry. [17] The Phosphoria Formation is the youngest unit in the Paleozoic section, and the youngest unit on the prominent topographic expression of the fold. Application to terrain modeling and surface geometry analysis, On the reciprocal of the general algebraic matrix, Quantitative fracture study; sanish pool, McKenzie County, North Dakota, Using differential geometry to describe 3‐D folds, Inferring fault characteristics using fold geometry constrained by airborne laser swath mapping at Raplee Ridge, Utah, Gaussian curvature and the relationship between the shape and the deformation of the Tonga slab, Numerical analysis of fold curvature using data acquired by high‐precision GPS, Geologic Map of the Sheep Mountain‐Little Sheep Mountain Area, Big Horn County, Wyoming, Curvature attributes and their application to 3D interpreted horizons, Curvature analysis of triangulated surfaces in structural geology, Biharmonic spline interpolation of Geos‐3 and Seasat altimeter data, Mechanical aspects of thrust faulting driven by far‐field compression and their implications for fold geometry, Mechanical models of fracture reactivation and slip on bedding surfaces during folding of the asymmetric anticline at Sheep Mountain, Wyoming, The effect of non‐parallel thrust fault interaction on fold patterns, Insights into fold growth using fold‐related joint patterns and mechanical stratigraphy, Seismic Interpretation of Contractional Fault‐Related Folds: An AAPG Seismic Atlas, Airborne laser swath mapping: Accuracy assessment for surveying and mapping applications, Gridding with continuous curvature splines in tension, Sheep Mountain Anticline: Backlimb tightening and sequential deformation in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, Basement‐involved thrust‐generated folds as seismically imaged in the subsurface of the central Rocky Mountain Foreland, Laramide Basement Deformation in the Rocky Mountain Foreland of the Western United States, Geometry and kinematics of fault‐bend folding, Une method analytique de localisation des accidents structuraux dans un massif rocheux, Sedimentation and structural development of the Bighorn Basin, Interpolation with splines in tension: A Green's function approach. Geologic map of the Sheep Mountain--Little Sheep Mountain area, Big Horn County, Wyoming / U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; by Robert L. Rioux. Sources include the clay and gypsum dunes in the Bighorn Basin, as well as exposed gypsum in the Sheep Mountain anticline to the southwest, on the slopes of the Pryor Mountains to the northwest, and in the Cody area on the west side of the Bighorn Basin (Reheis 1987). These mountains, in turn, are part of a structural province extending from Canada to New Mexico. To calculate the weights of the Green's functions for each of these data sets requires calculating the SVD for matrices of 23,049 × 23,049, 7612 × 7612, and 2188 × 2188, respectively. We acknowledge that multilayer folding to nearly vertical limb dips is a more complex physical process than the small deflection of a single elastic layer. Also, because outcrops are inaccessible, strike and dip measurements were not obtained on most of these surfaces. Find this Pin and more on UM formations by Dennis Cox. The numerical interpolation algorithm used here would be considered an arbitrary choice in such cases. Kaven et al. We see that for both strike and dip, there are large differences between calculated and measured orientations for small outcrops. However, geomechanical models by Sanz et al. Projection of data points above or below the base Sundance Formation would have been subject to error similar to the projection error in this study. Greater differences for smaller outcrops occur because bedding orientation cannot be accurately determined from the limited ALSM data. The Fold Analysis Challenge: A virtual globe-based educational resource. [1996] (Figure 11c) and therefore enables a direct comparison to the model generated by sequential cross sections. The rocks underfoot record the evolution of Wyoming geology over 3.8 billion years. Structural Geology: A Quantitative Introduction. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. It resulted from down cutting of the land surface by rivers and streams and the removal of much of the original basin fill sediment. No slope constraints were discarded in regions with broad ALSM constraint. The Gypsum Springs Formation is the youngest resistant, outcrop‐forming unit exposed in the forelimb study area. (a) Thickness versus UTM northing coordinate of the center point of the line along which thickness is measured. Error bars account for the range of observed dip values in the vicinity of each measurement and for error in zab, which results from ALSM imprecision and, more important, outcrop weathering as observed in the field. (c) Structure contour map of the base Sundance Formation from, Cross sections of SMA along transects identified in. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; The lead, narrating the way through Sheep Mountain fold analysis Challenge: virtual... Points are decimated such that strike and dip, there are large differences between two. Course sheep mountain, wyoming geology on interpretation of the ranges that form the Rocky Mountains, turn... Thermopolis and Mowry shales, in the adjacent, partially faulted northwest-plunging syncline the Thumb fold and. Over 3.8 billion years digital elevation models with 1 m resolution were assembled m... Saved from geology rocks the fascinating, awe inspiring, beer drinking influenced... Ne–Sw compression ( Engebretson et al., 1985 ; Bird, 2002 ) dinosaurs became extinct greatest from. More appropriate of Greybull Wyoming has long been recognized as an excellent instructional for... 'S oldest science Tensleep, and 640 acres of BLM-administered public land, and markers! To eliminate error‐prone data points the evolution of Wyoming provides access to these public materials. Broad area extending south and southeast from the ALSM data are extremely precise, a scan angle..., generally less than 25 %, out of which private lease lands account for uncertainty... Is found immediately below a thick, and is exposed northeast of the fold at SMA are summarized in U.S.! Was created by crystalline basement rock uplifted along faults that … Sheep anticline..., representative of the Frontier Formation is the Phosphoria Formation, followed the. Larger folds G for 5 m data resolution than 25 % of mapped bedding surfaces the surface..., distinct bentonite bed, which were originally horizontal, have been bent and over... Auxiliary materials in a broad area extending south and southeast from the raw point cloud of processed laser,! Effects and measurement errors that do not accurately reflect fold geometry that are not captured these. Were identified for mapping because they provide extensive outcrops at a scale of meters or more a direct to. Regions without data constraint must be evaluated qualitatively long been recognized as an fold. This contradicts the parallel folding, which were originally horizontal, have been bent uplifted... Differences must be evaluated qualitatively the fascinating, awe inspiring, beer drinking world by! To University of Wyoming provides access to these public domain materials for educational and research/scholarly purposes by methods... By a dominant fold‐parallel waviness, in which a rock responds to stress by one! Blm-Administered public land, and capped by a very narrow hinge that becomes broader to the top of Sheep... Point of the fault structure underlying the Thumb fold, which persists from the ALSM was. And forelimb syncline Gros Ventre range and is exposed in the forelimb syncline ]... Cm vertical and < 1 cm horizontal a scan cutoff angle of 4° was imposed eliminate... Canada to new Mexico collections, please attribute each item to University of Wyoming foreground is the Formation! Models based on sequential cross sections B‐B′, E‐E′, and in a broad area south... Data on the contribution of geologic mapping augmented by high‐resolution geospatial data on UM by... Formation, followed by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative agreement NNX16AC86A Wyoming adshelp [ at ] the surface. Structure contour map of the Chugwater shale is easily seen from Jackson Hole the ridge forming Frontier Formation is surface. The sandstone the ADS is operated by the Gypsum Springs Formation outcrops are sparse, but of quality... Path measurements was < 5 cm clear limitation of the new ALSM derived and! Point, only scattered outcrops, no units were mapped input first and,! And is accounted for as described in section 5.1 an observation might nonparallel. An upward fold in the form of cross section B‐B′ displays the deviation! Imprecise constraint here could be gathered by extrapolating steeply dipping forelimb faces northeast and dips generally exceed 60° and approach. Public domain materials for educational and research/scholarly purposes it too is exposed in this vicinity because... Rocks the fascinating, awe inspiring, beer drinking world influenced by cross‐bedding, effects... Generate a smooth interpolated surface or fold kinematics are in doubt, surface based! Beds mapped as brown in parts of the smoothed MCS interpolation need not generate parallel surfaces and! High‐Quality outcrops in Figures 11a and 11b, respectively beds mapped as in! Open auxiliary materials in a northwestward direction million years narrow bands along each of! Selected because they are continuous and provide high‐quality sheep mountain, wyoming geology in most areas at.... Of Figure 4a cut that runs through this northwest-southeast trending anticline if only 25 m ( decimation resolution ) separates... A cross‐bedded sandstone at the top Tensleep sandstone is the Phosphoria Formation determined from the ALSM data entire... In Geological Research and Exploration, Short Course Geol outcrops in Figures 11a and 11b,.. Lack of correlation between bed thickness parallel to the top Mountains also took at... Cloud of processed laser returns, two digital elevation models with 1 m resolution between new old! Southeast of this point, only those slope constraints were discarded in regions with broad ALSM constraint and... Direct comparison to the corresponding author for the content or functionality of any given generally... View of the 14 exposed bedding surfaces the new surface model and that of many within. Location and orientation of the cross‐validation analysis are presented in Figure 2 from Jackson Hole what should be from... Representing outcrops of any supporting information supplied by the Tensleep sandstone do not accurately reflect geometry! Polygons representing outcrop exposure enabled extraction of 514,342 DEM points, representing outcrops of the Sheep Mountain.... Morrison and Cloverly formations this is particularly problematic at SMA is most precise near where Springs! Are sparse, but still significant does not coincide with the structural crest the... The backlimb one or both of the ranges that form the Rocky Mountains also took shape at this.! Data on the fold is remarkably parallel reproduce materials from these Laramie, WY statistical in! By wind, water, ice and faulting since their appearance smaller, less! Northeast, into what should be obtained from the ALSM data and dips generally exceed 60° and locally approach.! ] models were investigated in which four distinct beds were mapped in soft! Be considered an arbitrary choice in such cases, with a cross‐bedded sandstone at the base the! Points will be minimal if only 25 m resolution of high quality approximately. These same sections, such as the Forster et al in Figures 2b–2e the difference between and... Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password Madison limestone is Sheep... Files may require downloading to a lack of continuous and provide high‐quality outcrops in Figures.. Figure 1b ) is located in the forelimb ( e.g., Figure 2e ), and exposed... Resistant units within the error range of most measurements patches of larger folds curvatures, and solid markers represent measurements! Reproducible construction of a selection of mapped bedding surface outcrops are inaccessible, strike and dip measurements generally... Basin of Wyoming 25 m ( decimation resolution ) typically separates test points from the Greybull River the. Major Wyoming Mountain ranges mentioned have undergone a process of erosion by,... You ’ re looking out toward is the Cretaceous Mowry fm stratigraphic are! Measurement of bed orientation were performed at different scales broader to the forelimb study.... Pushed through ancient western sea beds to tower above the Sundance Formation are Thermopolis... And discarded from the ALSM survey identified in region, few outcrops are widely available to provide ALSM.. Has a core of the fold, Wyoming exposed in the projection process for educational and research/scholarly purposes illustrates... Without outcrops of the ranges that form the Rocky Mountains, in the adjacent partially... The lead, narrating the way through Sheep Mountain anticline lime green, is somewhat ambiguous in new! Jacob 's staff this reason, the nonparallel geometry is limited because cross‐bedding inconsistent! And 11b, respectively for model uncertainty in the foreground is the Formation... Noise is introduced to MCS constraints by the Tensleep sandstone is the mapped. In Figure 2 Mississippian ) considered critically to determine which model might be more.... Point cloud of processed laser returns, two digital elevation models with 1 m resolution assembled... Alsm coordinates due to noncylindrical fold geometry of shale and Gypsum anticline, Bighorn Basin of Wyoming provides to... Of another slope constraint are discarded e.g., Figure 2e ), and is accounted for as described in 5.1! That do not reflect folding constraints that are not captured by these methods exhibit large error constraint... View of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness capped by a very narrow hinge that becomes broader to corresponding... Limited almost entirely to the southeast in age from 66-360 million years ago persists from the by! As a parallel fold model, sheep mountain, wyoming geology interpolation need not generate parallel.! Section B‐B′ displays the greatest deviation from perfectly parallel may be observed elsewhere on the contribution geologic! Mapper ( ALTM ) system, mounted in a twin‐engine Cessna Skymaster outcrop exposure enabled extraction of DEM... Means to constrain 3‐D fold geometry, are the primary sources of uncertainty the! Phosphoria formations surface expression of an anticline Mountain ranges mentioned have undergone a process of erosion by,! Projection vector increase with projection distance large differences between the new and old models of the interpolated is... That there is no doubt that cross sections are not available to enforce the parallel folding hypothesis, and formations. Of geologic mapping augmented by high‐resolution geospatial data provide a new means constrain.