A Letter from your Associate Priest

Dear friends


As I write this, we are still experiencing the unpredictable April weather. We have had some glorious mornings recently – a combination of frost and sun if you’re up and out early enough to enjoy it. One afternoon last week Graham, Zinnie and I ventured over to Ringstead Bay, when we got out of the car it was trying to snow, ten minutes later down on the beach we had beautiful sunshine, Zinnie went for a paddle, but looking past the cruise ships to Portland you could see something else brewing! Zinnie and I left Graham to walk up to the top car park, where Graham would meet us in the car. By the time we got up there we were in the middle of a blizzard and you could hardly see a cruise ship let alone Portland. Then as quickly as it had arrived, the snow was gone, and the sun came out again!

It’s like this season that we are going through, we get glimpses of sunshine – the rollout of the vaccine, the easing of restrictions, the chance to see loved ones – ok, so you have to wrap up warm! Then we get plunged into a storm – the possibility of an outbreak of Covid somewhere in the country, the news of more violence on the streets, jobs lost. These storms will hopefully pass, but of course some storms stay with us. On Tuesday 6th April we received the sad news that Revd Carol Langford had died after her long illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Mark and their sons Dan and Tom and their families in their tragic loss. Carol touched us all in different ways with her depth of faith, her commitment to Christ’s mission and her compassion for those in need. She will be greatly missed but we can draw comfort that she is now with her beloved saviour.

Later in the same week we heard the news of the sad passing of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. There are very few alive now who will know of anything different than the loyal years of service given by Her Majesty the Queen and her husband, this is another storm that will stay with us longer and of course we send heartfelt condolences to all of the Royal Family.

When this magazine arrives on your doorstep it will be about five weeks after Easter Sunday, when Easter eggs and chocolate are a distant memory, unless your waistline is still showing the signs of too much indulgence! But in the church, we are still very much thinking about the appearances of Jesus after the resurrection and how they helped the disciples to travel through the storm of crucifixion into the joy of a new day and new life. And that is still what Jesus does. He walks along with us where we are walking, he guides us through those storms through the words of scripture, he helps us make sense of life and its problems, he never abandons us because he loves us.

I pray that you will find Jesus with you in any storms that you are facing.

With blessings




Parish and Benefice News


The Benefice is now in a period of Interregnum as we look to fill the vacancy of Incumbent left by the sad and tragic death of Revd Carol Langford. Whilst most things will carry on as normal (Covid restrictions in place, of course) a profile will be produced and then the vacancy will be advertised, we will keep you informed of any progress made. Please hold the Benefice in your prayers at this time.


Maintaining your Parish Church – the APCM and what it means


The Annual Meeting of Parishioners, open to anyone who lives in the parish or worships in the church. The only business is to elect the churchwardens.

And the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) which follows on straight away, is open to those who are on the church electoral roll.


For St Laurence, Affpuddle – following a 5pm Worship for Rogation on Sunday 9th May, so from about 5.45pm.


For St John the Baptist, Bere RegisWednesday 26th May at 5pm


The business – to keep an overview of how the church is being run by receiving reports on changes to the electoral roll, financial statements of the PCC (Parochial Church Council) for year ending Dec 31st 2020, the state of the church building (fabric), goods and ornaments, the activities of the parish and proceedings of the PCC. To elect representatives to the PCC, appoint sidespeople and the auditor, and to question and discuss issues relating to the parish and its life, ministry and mission.

We are always looking for more willing volunteers to join one of the Parochial Church Council’s (PCC) in the benefice and If you would like to offer some time, please do get in touch with either me or one of the Church wardens. It really is a case of many hands make light work.


Thank you

Rev Sandra