A Letter from your Associate Priest


Dear friends


Ordinary Time


Where does the time go?

It hardly seems possible that I am already writing for the August magazine. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun! It’s been great getting back to a new kind of ‘normal’ whether in church or with the different groups in these communities. At both churches there have been baptisms, weddings, marriage banns to call and sadly funerals. We’ve enjoyed that wonderful exhibition in Bere Regis Church over the Jubilee weekend and Messy Church have gone wild in the churchyard. Affpuddle Church are looking forward to another music afternoon and picnic in the Peace Garden this month. These are all reasons for family and friends to come together and enjoy a particular moment in time. We have enjoyed time with our family, and our grandchildren certainly make good use of the vicarage garden when they are here!


At both churches we’ve just had new sets of Service Sheets for our Communion services printed, they are for Ordinary Time, and someone asked what Ordinary Time meant. Well, we are in the season of Ordinary Time in church now. How would you know that you may ask? One thing to look out for is the colours used for different seasons in church, mainly on the altar and at communion. During Ordinary Time they are Green and at this time of year it’s between Trinity Sunday, this year 12th June, and always finishes by All Saints Day, 1st November. There may also be a few weeks of Ordinary Time after Candlemas – when Jesus, at 40 days old, was presented in the Temple, on 2nd February and the beginning of Lent, when everything goes Purple. Those great markers in the year, of Easter (White) and Christmas (also White), seem a long way away, but it won’t be long before we see the night’s drawing in again and children start excitedly drawing up their Christmas lists! This season may be called Ordinary Time, but it’s anything but ordinary for those who lives are changing at this time. As I write this, we will be saying goodbye in school to the Year 6’s as they leave their Primary years behind and go on to their respective Secondary Schools. What will the future hold for them I wonder? Then there will be those younger children looking forward to starting ‘big’ school in September, and those finishing school and finding their way in the workplace. We look back and think where did those years go? The changes our children make from baby to toddler to school uniforms to adults happen in a flash.


Sometimes we would just like time to stand still, especially when we are comfortable with life. But, as the Preacher in the Old Testament Book Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. People and circumstances change, and we must accept that, it is from these things that we learn and grow. It’s good to know though, that through all the changes, be they good or bad, happy or sad, God is with us accompanying us on our journey. God has all the time in this world and beyond to spend with us and it’s just because he loves us. We are reminded of this every year when we think about the last week of Jesus’ life that led to the pain and suffering of crucifixion before he was raised to new life on Easter morning. Easter, of course, has come and gone, but we can use this Ordinary Time to carry on remembering that sacrifice. Time spent with God, thanking him for his love, seems such a small price to pay in comparison.

With blessings,







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